Weight loss - Longevity - Performance - Sleep

Go on a diet? There is no need to diet!

Change your lifestyle, yes! Creating healthy habits, learning how to combine foods and making the right choices at every meal. All you need is a start date, without any concern about the duration or the end of the process.

Count calories? There is no worries about how many calories a meal has. Healthy food is not measured by calories, but by nutrients.

It is important to prioritize healthy food consumption, considering the beneficial fats and avoiding commercialized and diet products consumption. Balanced and healthy food, with or without food supplementation can reduce symptoms and even cure diseases.

Food goes beyond chewing and swallowing.

Food is nourishing. Food is memory! Food is endearment!

Food is able to nurture feelings, relationships, friendships and even the soul!



During the first visit, a detailed anamnesis is performed in order to evaluate the patient’s metabolic and energetic status. After that, a body analysis is runthrough an InBody 520 impedance machine that has an error margin of only 3%. The impedance is run every visit to measure the patient’s evolution.

Depending on the patient’s goals and needs, a diet is discussed. The diet is formulated based on food combinations according to its absorption (acid or alkaline) in order to provide more energy and well-being to the patient. A very heterogeneous digestion causes unnecessary energy waste, compromising the body metabolism.

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