Weight loss - Longevity - Performance - Sleep


1. Lectures

In-company lectures are designed in order to inform employees that prevention is always better than remedy when it comes to health. The cost of an employee away from his/her activities due to health problems is far higher than the investments a company makes to prevent illness. In the lecture, the three interaction factors that interfere directly with human metabolism are shown: the food factor, the emotional factor and the environmental factor. Through these factors’ interaction, it is shown how a body can be healthy or sick, depending on the lifestyle that the individual takes.

2. Consulting

Nutritional consulting is a service offered to food supplement companies for the purpose of contributing to the formulation of nutritional supplements or to workshops, events and training collaboration. Consulting can vary from internal training for company’s employees to specific knowledge in supplementation for the general consumer.

3. Workshops

Nutrition and metabolism workshops are offered as support to professionals in these areas, aiming to improve their knowledge through updated scientific articles published in high profile periodicals. These workshops are based on in-depth knowledge of the biochemistry of metabolism; its adaptations in several physiological situations and the variety of ways of treating a patient, from the nutritional requirements of an Olympic athlete to the process of trying to slow down the cellular aging with nutritional resources.

4. Office Appointments

The office appointments attend to all patients, including athletes, sportsmen, the elderly, teenagers and pregnant women. Among the conditions Marcelo treats are diabetes, cancer, hypertension, dyslipidemia and sleep disorders.